We specialize in translating patent materials and documents,
taking full use of our local advantages in Hokkaido.

We are constantly looking for at home technical translators.

Job: Translating patent materials and documents from English to Japanese.
English proficiency required, regardless of age or experience.
Retirees housewives, and part-timers welcome.

Specialized fields


Information/communications, medical instruments, optics, electrical products and machinery, including semiconductors etc., materials, chemistry including biotechnology and medical equipment, etc.

*As long as you are a highly motivated translator, technical backgrounds are not required.



Agreed upon after personal interview.



Contact us by e-mail or by telephone first, and then send us your C.V. with your photo and specialized field specified.
We will contact you after reviewing your resume.

 *We send orders by post or fax. Please respond by e-mail.
 *Please submit all translation documents in Microsoft Word format.
 *Translators from around Sapporo are most common but we also have translators working for us from all over Japan including the Kanto and Kyushu regions.

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